Zero Discrimination Day


Humanity is ever increasing and all of its success is built on the backs of all who came before. We have as humans to realize we are all of one genetic pool. Over the millennia we have found infinite ways to divide ourselves each time the us and them mentality leads us down a well trodden dark path. No good will ever come from division of people into vehemently opposed groups no matter what cover you put on it .


As a child my farther once said to me we all bleed the same colour, these were word that framed my world view from an early age. I was born in England in the early 70's I started school , there were many immigrants at the time for if you were born in a commonwealth country and had the money you could enter without issue. The town I lived in was populated mostly by white English working class people, that town was Luton . At school the demographic represented the population of the time and so initially the world appeared monocultural .


Year two at school second term all that changed in my class, a new boy arrived and his family were from India. As a child I simply found that more interesting than confronting. My little group who played in the yard were asked if we would let him play in our games. We all agreed and had lots of fun and continued to for a couple of weeks. Then one day one of the group started being mean to him and saying he couldn't play with us cause he wasn't like us. Within a couple of days more of the boys joined in excluding him they said to me I couldn't be their friend if I was his friend so I was his friend no debate. I couldn't accept there was any validate reason to do otherwise. Bigotry is not inherent it is taught behavior.


I didn't understand why they did this, he did nothing wrong to them, that was when my farther explained and finished by saying some people are hateful. I stayed friends with Avnish till we left for Australia at the end of that year a country born of immigration. My friend I hope got out of that town for Luton has most recently been know as a hot bed of racial tensions.


Australia seemed strangely reminiscent of the England demographically, white working class English people imported to fill the suburbs being built continuously to feed labour to the protected factories. Though there were foreign names people looked the same. As I grew up I continued some would say to stand up for the underdog. I realised at some point that I did not fit the gender mould which was something I hide well on most occasions, I was certainly aware of the negative societal feeling to such things. Not much changed until the eighties, that was when we truly as a country embraced a multicultural pride. That extended into the LGBTIQ community finding a loud and proud voice and a demonstration of that voice and pride became the Sydney Mardi Gras. That was of course only a beginning to the end for bigotry in that area is deeply set in culture. I remained hidden for my social environment was anything but accepting, this then made me depressed, now I had another thing to hide, it was as socially unacceptable as my gender issue.


The eighties and into the nineties in Australia were overall still not overtly friendly to all things LGBTIQ but it was getting better. I had my own internal turmoil to resolve in the late 00s before I came out as a transgender woman and joined the frey. The 2000s Australia had become a better place filling with people of many cultures but a push back started in the 90s . Right wing politicians were creeping into our parliamentary elections. It wasn't exclusive it was a world wide trend.


Their coming was not announced but their arrival was for these were people who were vigorously opposed to the inclusive multicultural world being assembled . They see difference as a threat not a benefit, they see new people and ideas that change what they are used to as others who are taking over. They claim oppression while deliberately railing against the rights of others,human right to live a happy and healthy life as themselves. Heading for the 2020s we now have this type of hypocrisy in some of the most powerful positions in democracy. Australia has mostly recoiled from it but not totally.


In the end the demagogues who provoke this vial atavistic paroxysm will fall. They will fall because it is a human failure to other people for no reason. The vast majority of people are good and welcoming, it is not the place of the majority to change simply to accommodate bigotry and selfishness.


Zero discrimination day is a moment that will inspire people to a future that will right the wrongs of history and bring people together in all of their beautiful brilliant diversity. Zero discrimination day is a call to all people to be a part of the true humanity, one people, one world , one future . Zero discrimination day is here until there is zero discrimination. The day will come and we will not mourn the past


Written by Kristyana French

I am a transgender advocate , President of the Gender Diversity Alliance SA and former writer for Blaze magazine Adelaide GNN. Currently writing a personal analysis of my psychological life story. I am also a former owner and manager of Venue 63 and inclusive entertainment venue.


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